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Our directors are an exceptional team of passionate and committed individuals who play a critical role in the success of our organization.

     Each advisor brings extensive experience and knowledge in the field of fundraising and partnership building. They are experts at identifying opportunities and making meaningful connections with organizations and people who share our vision and values.

     With their strategic approach and negotiation skills, our advisors have been able to gather the necessary resources to finance our programs and projects, allowing us to support those in vulnerable situations and make a positive difference in their lives.

     We are deeply grateful for the dedication and effort that our counselors bring to the table on a daily basis. His inspiring leadership and unwavering commitment are critical to the continued growth and success of our foundation.

     We are honored to have this exceptional team of counselors, whose passion and vision drive us forward in our mission to transform lives and build a better future for those who need it most.

Antonio Diaz


clement villegas



Rene Medina


Luis Miguel.jpeg

Luis Miguel del Rio

JA-Duchi-IMG_6650-Final Square.jpg

duchisela galvez


edward martinez


Leticia M. Pazzi

Mexicali (2)_edited.jpg

Alexander Martinez


Mariza Burquez

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